Don’t mind the voices

So this is what it’s like to be old eh? Well, Illiad said it was all downhill
from here, but quite frankly I don’t notice a difference. I probably will
when I get home today, but thats because it’s a monday.

Thanks to my folks I now have a vaccuum cleaner! One that works! And knives,
wonderful knives…. no more digging through a drawer for one the two that I
have (one a small paring type knife and the other a huge bread knife)! Other
assorted goodies as well. I got lots of birthday wishes as well from everyone
which I hugely appreciate. My birthday gift to myself was to head to Chapters and pick up some books. One on GTK programming, GNOME programming, and one on Intrusion
Detection. Cool stuff. I even found a morning routine that can aid me in
getting the time to actually read these and the million other books I’m
reading. Instead of sitting down and watching TV or sitting on the computer
while I eat breakfast, through the lost art of stacking and shoving I cleared
a space at the kitchen table. This table currently is used as horizontal
storage space, so this was a good trick in itself methinks. Anyway, now I
will do my best to eat breakfast while reading a book, just like I did in the
olden days.

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