Happy Birthday to me….

Well, my day (morning) off started with two distinct and connected dreams.

The first one is less remembered, but it had to do with the end of the world

The second was about it being a lot closer. There was going to be a supernova
and I was at college (not my real one of course). Basically everyone knew
that everyone was going to die. Kinda depressing 🙂 For whatever reason I
was more concerned with getting some songs out onto napster that I had
made/written/gotten/something. They were for my first girlfriend (for what
reason I have no idea). That and I was very concerned about how to get people
to download them and start distributing them. Weird. Anyway, as the end of
the world approached, people started collecting water, “It’s going to get
hot.” The only image I remember from the dream is standing inside the
building looking out through a window and people were walking along the edge
of the window on the glass separators (I guess there was just enough angle on
the building that they could walk normally). The people were kinda
switchbacking back and forth and getting higher, ignoring the fact thatthey
were, well, getting higher. I think at that point I realized that it didn’t
matter if they died by falling, it was going to be better than slowly frying
from an exploding sun. I think around them I was woken up by the phone.

Visions of the end of the world? Hmm…. scary thing is, assuming mankind
doesn’t kill themselves off in the immediate future, and the earth doesn’t
decide to us off, we’ll face something like this in a few million or billion
years. I’m hoping that by then we’ll have the technology to move somewhere
else though. Tom Swift encountered this in one of the “new” Tom Swift books,
and he fixed the sun by diverting a small black hole through the sun to suck
out the excess energy….

Hey, you never know.

So what am I doing today? Relax. Hack a bit at the active alert stuff that
appears to have stopped working for no real reason on the test boxes. Go to
the UF party a bit early and
play on the SGI boxen that apparently render Q3 smooth as silk with all the
graphics options turned on and at 1280×1024! Wow.