Ever wonder if what goes on in your head is normal?

So what has gone wrong tonight so far? Well, not a whole lot, but the three
things impacting me right now, as I sit and eat a late dinner are:

  1. Leaving the toaster on “Bagel Mode”. Until today I didn’t know what
    bagel mode was, but I thought it was pretty cool that I had a toaster that
    had it. Seems that on bagel mode only the inside coils heat up, so that
    your bagel is toasted nicely on the insides, but not the outside. Sounds
    good right? Yup. Too bad I was toasting bread. Now I’m eating my fried
    egg on toast where the toast is only half toast. One side is a nice
    brown, the other, well, isn’t.
  2. Recently I’ve tried to get green tea that is nice. Whenever I go and
    get sushi I drink gobs and gobs of the green tea. So I went out and got a
    couple of different flavors the other day to try. Well, there is
    definately an art to it, which I haven’t quite mastered yet. I tried a
    tea ball with a lot of leaves…. didn’t work. Tried a few leaves just in
    the bottom of the mug… didn’t work. Not sure what to try next.
  3. When selecting sandwich bread, do not choose something like,
    say, french bread, which works nicely for sandwiches, but poorly for
    anything where you need to flip a fried egg onto it (I don’t know how you
    eat your fried eggs on toast, but that’s how I do it).

Just got back a while ago from seeing Men of Honor (DeNiro and Cuba Gooding
Jr.). Not a bad movie… a little more cheesy, in your face racism-is-bad,
and blood and gore than I would have liked, but still a decent movie. A
silvercity type theatre is good, but not required. If you go to a SC go on a

that their recent increase of price to $12 (from $11, which came only a month
or two after it went from $10 to 11) wasn’t good enough, so BASTARD
raised it another $0.25. Sure, only a
quarter more, but think of it this way. Last month I was paying $12 for a
movie. Two or three months before that, $11. Oh, and you have to buy your
overpriced food from them too (do you know that BASTARD RIPOFF ARTISTS
charge you $0.50 for butter on your popcorn? Nuts! I’ve
never seen that before anywhere. I was there last month seeing the new/old
Jackie Chan movie Legend of Drunken Master and got one of their meal deal
thingies when I got my movie ticket. You get a popcorn and pop for [some
random price that’s 2x what you’d pay anywhere else] and you get it at the
same time you get your ticket by interac at their little machines. So I
go and take my receipt to the counter and show it some obviously highly
underqualified person who asks, “would you like butter with that?” I say
yes and she went off to get it all. After far too long a wait
(apparently they don’t train people on how to do their meal deals) she comes
back with (to my shock) the correct size/type of popcorn and pop. Then she
informs me that “that’ll be $0.50 sir.”

Now first of all, who carries cash with them anymore? When I come to
The reason I got the meal deal ticket in the first place was that I didn’t
want to bother with cash. I didn’t even have change in my pocket and if I
did I probably wouldn’t have given it to her anyway. After explaining that
butter is extra, and me explaining that well, that’s nice but a) I don’t have
any cash and b) no one told me this when I ordered either the ticket or the
meal itself, they decided that they could live without the $0.50.

I’m going to walk in with a case of coke to drink during the movie, and not
buy their overpriced swamp water crap.

Speaking of swamp water, my green tea’s not looking or tasting so good.


Let me retract that…. it’s tasting ok, but not the same as I like. Practice
practice I guess.