Report Card Time

I dreamt I went back to LA last night. I couldn’t find where I was going on a
map, but I knew in my mind exactly what my destination was. I boarded the
greyhound and they asked me where I was headed too and I couldn’t remember the
name of the area, nor find it on a map. But I knew where I was going.

Accomplishments for this long weekend:

  • Cleaned my sty
  • Shopping
  • Sleep
  • Fixed user problem
  • Found solution to ICMP problem we’re having
  • Launched some cool stuff
  • Made
  • Watched both Willow
    and Eraser
  • Got X4 going with truetype fonts
  • Got my monitor back from fozbaca
  • Other random stuff that I don’t remember now

This week is going to suck in a way, as everyone is gone. I’m taking Friday
off for the big party, so I’m only
at work for 3 days, but there’ll be no one else there, as the bosses are gone
to Vegas and the salespeople are all gone. Hey, wait a minute, this week is
going to rock!