Argh! Homework!

So I had two distinct dreams last night…. I think. I was going to write the
first one down when I woke up to my first alarm clock at 6:45 but never got
around to it 🙂

Back at high school. My age, but still there. Or back there. Doing a lot of
weight lifting. The school sort of went around this sandy beach with a pool
(pond?) and an island. I was back at school with Cat5 and Firefly, except we
didn’t really care to be there. We went in the morning and ignored classes
and just did weightlifting and lazing around. I was in my bathrobe and boxers
most of the time.

Eventually I got changed though I think. I didn’t even realize it was lunch
when it was, and went out and there was all the kids standing around doing
whatever they do at lunch. I tried to avoid them and went back to where my
people were, which now included my first GF as well.

At one point I went inside and people (teachers I think)
laughed and made jokes about me being in a robe. So I went to find my locker
to change. The only thing was I hadn’t been in school for so long that I
didn’t remember where it was. I remember SilverStr was there too, as a
teacher, making fun of me. So I began this trek around the school, in secret
as much as I could because of the whole bathrobe thing, trying to find my
locker. Half the time I didn’t remember if I was looking for a locker, a
changeroom or a bathroom to change in. At one point I went through the wood
shop and they said that if I wanted I could take the secret way to the
bathroom under those pile of boards. I declined and was told that if I wanted
I could instead take an axe and chop my way to the door. Again, I declined.

I guess I eventually found what I was looking for and got changed. Again
outside there was a volleyball game going on and I decided to join in. It was
using a huge beach ball like ball and I was a total gimp and couldn’t control
it at all, and everyone laughed at me.

After this there was an award or something given to the music department, with
my old music teacher, Mr. Alberto (I think?) and SilverStr (again? why is he
here as well?). Instead of giving the “normal” donation I have to search for
my locker and end up donating my old trumpet, saying something “it’s not
filled with real gold, but I hope it helps.” When he opens the package a
polaroid camera is in there and it goes off, capturing a really good picture
that looks good for some reason if you put it sideways or up and down (you
know the two orientations that a picture can go… well, something in the way
the angle was, it doesn’t look weird from either positions).

Went back to class after that to SilverStr teaching C or history or something.
I started on his practice exam and failed miserably. Towards the end of the
class he announced that he’d like ten copies of this by next class. I laughed
loudly and was told not to laugh.

My second dream might have been an extension of the first,
watching a video or something. In this video (we’ll just call it that for
now), it’s a medievil gladiator ring or something. There are a bunch of
people (or boxes) in a circle, each with a chain attached to the end of the
person and the other end to the ground. The people are then thrown back and
forth and you see if they survive. Think of the motion of taking a mouse cord
in your hand and just moving your hand back and forth, letting the mouse smack
on both sides. Same thing, only the “hands” were in a big circle and they
were doing it all at once.

When this was done a girl, for some reason I think it was Angelina Jolie but
with blonde hair, got on one of the centerions bad sides, by looking at
something or someone that she wasn’t sposed to. They went to another girl and
said “Look at her or we’ll give you something to look at!” or something
equally strange. This girl was then forced to do the back and forth wacking
thing again, but this time blindfolded. While they were putting the blindfold
on her they asked if there was anyone she’d like to thank for helping her out
with the skills she has, and she said something about one of the mechanics
helping her out a lot (almost like a just-before-death prayer). Well they
left her and went off into the mechanics area and looked through these rows
and rows of sleeping dudes (looked almost like military bunks but only one
level, and lots of them) to find this one guy to obviously cause him great

Ok, Lord, I promise, no more hot mexican food just before

Now it’s like 7:30am and I have to bust my ass to get showered and dressed for
work today. Bah. Oh, and I got X back up and going (using the old 3.3.6
packages sadly) last night so I was up late, showering in the glory that is a
graphical user interface!

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