Wonderful Sleep

First, thankyou to Iambe for bailing on me last night for dinner and allowing
me to get to be at 10:30 or some amazingly early hour šŸ™‚

Dream time again though…

Iambe was going to open up a computer store or consulting office of some type
down the road from me where the little coffee shop is in the woods on the way
back from home. I went down there to check it out and found it in a state of
semi-disrepair, with lights all over the floor and no electricity hooked up.
After wandering around with a flashlight for a bit, some other people arrived
and we started fixing it up. I went outside at some point and IamBro (I
think) was just finishing washing his car. I asked if he was going to do mine
and he said yes. I said I’d do it anyway. He dropped the soapy rags on the
ground and I got in the car to move it into position. I backed up in a most
horrible manner and went partially off the driveway between two trees. In my
manovering to get back onto the driveway a truck with camper pulling a
horsetrailer (I think) zipped through and made like it was going to steal the
position for washing the car. By the time my car had lurched itself back onto
stable ground the truck had somehow dissapeared by there was an asian kid with
the horse trailer sitting there. He was too far from the soapy towels and
water hose though.

At this point my alarm #1 rang at 6:45 and I hit snooze, trying to fall back
asleep and find out what was going to happen next. No luck though.

I just sneezed twice. I really hope I’m not coming down with a cold. Oh
well, time to get the day started….

An interesting note. No matter how much sleep I have at night, be it 5 hours
or 9, I still feel the same “I don’t wanna get up!” in the

Interesting note #2. Still no go with debian and x4. I’m still getting a
black screen and a locked up keyboard. I’m wondering if it’s not something
else, kernel option or something. I have taken out a bunch of the stuff that
was recommended in the attempts to get a base system going and get
something on the screen šŸ™