No more alarms, for the love of gawd, no more alarms!

I got to bed at 11 last night after another round or 3 of Team Arena, however
I didn’t actually get to sleep until at least midnight. Again.

I was in a movie theatre, watching Star Wars (or perhaps the trilogy). My
buddy dragon25 was beside me on my left for part of it. Beside him on his
left was a thin girl who didn’t look all that great. At one point she licked
a needle puncture mark on her upper arm in what was supposed to be a seductive
manner and said “you like that?” Towards the end of the movie there was some
excitement towards the front where someone had tried to grab a needle that was
found. The guy was in a red pullover and ran from two guys, one was a cop the
other was a teacher(?). The girl beside us turned into another guy (I think)
and hid his/her needle in desparation as s/he realized that the cops were
around. The guy in the red pullover ran right in front of me with a needle in
his hand and two people (in fact I think a lot of the theatre was getting into
the action of trying to chase him). He ran right in front of me and I didn’t
do anything for fear of getting a used/dirty needle jabbed into me. I think I
stuck my hand out and pushed him away but that’s it. That’s all that happened
before the alarm rang anyway.