Ve came, for ze Tea!

So in an unprecidented move of sportsmanship and team spirit, I agreed to play
volleyball with my team for a charity
event yesturday. We played two hours of very fun volleyball, and
didn’t suck nearly as much as a team full of computer geeks should have.
Course, we were playing the actors guild and a bunch of dentists (well, the
dentists kicked our asses, but that’s another story).

Anyway, today I kinda hurt šŸ™‚ Oh, and it’s Sunday too. That means tomorrow
is Monday. That really sucks.

I had (yet another) strange dream last night.

I was playing real life quake in a convention of some sort (but it was in an
old style library like place, with lots of wide open spaces). It was real
life in that I was actually running around and shooting people, but virtual in
that no one was actually gibbing. Think laser tag I guess. Anyway, Jennifer Love
was there sitting with some people. I go over to talk to her and
she says that it would be great if someone would make her a martini for when
she gets back. I of course, wanting to impress, head to the bartender and ask
for the ingredients for a martini, and then fumble through mixing and making
it (is there a slice of orange that is put on the edge of the glass? I didn’t
think so…). I have it ready for her when she returns, and she thanks me and
asks me “so how did you make it?” I of course have no clue and say something
like “well I put some of that stuff in that stuff, mixed a little of the other
stuff, and there you go!” She didn’t like that at all (judging a man by his
ability to know how to make a drink) and told me to bugger off or walked away
or something equally put-down-ish. Pah! Women.

I am proud to have made a contribution to the geek nexus in purchasing a
wacky-cool DVD player, a real one that doesn’t involve stringing wires across
the room from my computer! A Toshiba SD-1600 with
all sorts of cool features. Now I can watch DVDs (and even on my TV they look
great (yes Silv, they do look fine! :)). Now to start getting the
other bits needed for a great home audio experience.