Ah, the weekend life.

This weekend was semi-boring, which meant it was almost relaxing! I got some
shopping done on Saturday, and scored myself…. <drum roll> a new
desk! I was going to get two tables and then make an “L” out
of them, and get ArcterDad to build a center unit for them. However, upon
arriving at the madhouse known as Ikea I
found a very cool desk that was already setup in that fasion, for not a huge
hole in the pocketbook. Of course, as noted before by others, Ikea is
addictive, and I came home with some lights as well as the desk. Oh, and
another tea (earl grey, hot) pot thingy.

It took till 11pm or so to get it all setup (head to go to the gym etc) but
it’s all there and looking cool. More importantly, it feels cool.
The problem with my previous desk (sitting on the porch with a big “free” sign
on it) was the way it was configured it just didn’t have the right comfort
feel. I’m still debating adding one of those roll out keyboard trays, we’ll
see. The only thing that’s missing now is the drawer space I had before, for
storing things like pens, manuals, etc. I was looking at one of the rolling
drawer units that fit nicely under the desk, but couldn’t justify $219 for it.
Maybe next paycheck.

The solution to the lack of drawer space is lower tech (and lower price), and
in the form of a box that I threw all my stuff into.

The workout sat, btw, was arms. I was quite happy too, 3 reps of 185 lbs free
weight (and I think I did 3 reps of 230 on the machine). Arnold watch out!
The treadmill here at work came in today so I’ll be able to run after or
before work (after until the showers go in I think).

Moving on, Sunday had a small (though I think 1 or 2 people more would have
been better) LAN party at Derfs. A little Q3 (even with Cat5’s problems with
hardware :), a little excessive, and lots of