You Have to be Crazy to Keep From Going Insane

Well, it’s been a while, and some non-interesting stuff has gone on in the
last 10 days or so, but I’ll tell you anyway.

The new desk is working well… for the first time in a while I feel
comfortable working here. Or playing for that matter. The playing
part has been helped along by <another drum roll> a new computer!
Thanks to a program at work, I now have two complete and wack-ass fast boxen,
perfect for gaming, lan parties, etc. It’s all very comforting to be
surrounded by more megahertz than most third world nations. Of course, the
box that this is being served from is a P133, going through a P166 firewall,
but I digress.

Specs on da box:

  • AMD K7-900
  • 60G total storage space on two 7200rpm Maxtor drives, both sitting on an UDMA66
    driver (meaning that among other things, I can have up to 8 drives at
  • nVidia GeForce2 GTS video card,
    with 32 mb RAM and a ton of features, including amazing
    speed for rendering. Q3@1024/32bit/full everything and 90fps sounds good
    to me!
  • Sony CDR. Finally I can burn! Burn!
  • Monsoon MM-700
    speakers (2 flat panel speakers and a huge ass sub).

Yes, I do like it, in case you were wondering 🙂

On a less technical side of things, christmas is coming. Again, I’m not ready
for it. Hell, I’ve barely started getting ready for it and it’s the 21st
already. No wonder people get depressed over the holidays. I got some
christmas cards out, all of which I’m sure will be late, and that’s my
accomplishment for the season so far. My folks are going “somewhere warm” for
the holidays, and I got a couple of my gifts early. I kicked and screamed,
but finally gave in and opened them early. Sheets! Duvet!
A warm and fuzzy bed is finally mine!

The spoils of war from the last week though, are still apparent. Wrapping
paper, bags, empty boxes dating back to the desk are still sitting in the
living room. It’s 100% cleaner than it was a week ago, but still not
acceptable. Since nothing is overly broken, it’s probably safe to throw out
or flatten the majority of the boxes (yes, I keep the reciepts). Other
things, like my old desk (still sitting on the porch) will be cleaned up

Things lately have been unkindly busy. Up till last night, when I got to bed
around 11:30, I was up till 2 or 4am every night. More the 2am on the work
nights, but there were a couple of nights where I just thought “I’m going to
be tired, so what could one more game hurt?”. See, not only do I have a new
computer to play with, but I have a new computer that is fast to play
with. And things like Elite
and Oni (demo)
came out. I’m getting better.

In addition to the play that’s done, there’s also work. Things are coming
down to the wire there constantly it seems, so on more than one night the 2am
thing has been me sitting and playing with code or firewall rules. Nothing
like telling the customers that the new [wiz bang feature] was done by a hairy
hacker sitting in his underwear at 4am huh?

There was also a project to get one of our customers upgraded from out old hardware to our new stuff. It was my
baby, and my performance was (IMO) less than wonderful. Basically I left it
to the last minute, and reaped the “benefits” (stress, guilt, annoyance) from
that. I think I need to start surfing for “how to be a manager that doesn’t
suck” pages out there. Some of it though, outside of it all being done at
5:30pm the night before, sucked in general. The hardware that was given to us
as “working” for putting the system on was a Compaq rack peiceshit, with SCSI only hard
drives (we don’t support SCSI), and an IDE CDROM. No, you can’t put an IDE
hard drive on instead of the CDROM, it doesn’t work, sorry. One of the guys
at work, Brian, spent a fair chunk of today fscking with it before I told him
to forget it and told the customer that we didn’t have the time or resources
to screw around with his hardware, and that our requirements were that he
provide working hardware. I didn’t say it quite like that
(though I was told I should have). Part of not being a hardass manager I
guess. It’s not that I like people and don’t want to be mean to them, just
part of that shy personality (and the incredularity that I be put in
any place of authority… I still consider myself a “kid” you know).

We get next week off, so aside from doing code that needs to be done, testing,
and general mucking around trying to get things checked off my todo list (as
well as enjoying christmas and happy crappy stuff like that), I get free time!
I think maybe I’ll try to work 8 hours one or two of those days, but from home
and on my own time (start at noon, end at 10pm sort of thing), and see how
that goes. Maybe it’ll work better than this “wake up early” thing.

Along those lines, I found which describes
what would be great, or interesting, or just plain stupid, I’m not quite sure
which yet….

So I’ll sit here a while longer, sipping my green tea, downloading the patches
needed for reiserfs, nvidia GLX drivers, and truetype fonts that don’t suck,
and then go to bed, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow is going to suck
more than any other day of the year, as it’s the night I plan to go christmas

Wish me luck, and if I don’t make it back, please bury me with my new box 🙂

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