Ho. Ho. Ho.

This myth that people live under about Christmas being filled with “joy” and
“goodwill toward man”. Bullshit I’m afraid to say. I was in the stores
today, I did my shopping and braved the crowds and what did I see? I
saw hundreds of shoppers, all with the same blank-yet-pained expression on
their faces. What did I see in the gleam of their eyes? Not any sort of
holiday spirt, unless you count “get me the hell out of here now” as holiday
spirit (I certainly do).

The people that I saw all looked like they wanted nothing better to do than
leave this consumer shopping hell, the Santas charging huge amounts to have
some small child stuck on their lap while a picture is snapped, the screaming
little brats, and the thousands of other shoppers and go home, throw their
shoes off and sit down on a suck-out-your-will-to-live couch.

That’s certainly how I felt. But I did get 99% of my shopping done.

Merry Christmas and all that.