The Reason I have Pink Fur Dice

Well, tonight is the eve of Christmas, and a joyous time it is. I hung out
with The Diva and The Yohimbe tonight, eating munchies and talking shop. Very
nice. This is also the eve of the first year ever when I’m not
either at my folks or around them (no guilt of course). It’s actually not
that bad, leaves less to have to run around, and of course lets me stress
slightly less about stuff to do. On the other hand, when I’m at my parents
the stress kinda dissapears, sort of being wrapped in a big blanket or
something. Driving with my parents is the only time that I sleep as well I

So tomorrow I get to see if the various gifts I got peoples are appreciated
for what they are (like the label maker I got Engel, and the freakish big
headed thing
I got Iambe.

Merry Christmas ya’ll!

And the reason I have pink fur dice in my sports car is to do what I like to do,
put the irony of a situation in front of people, and make them laugh. Or
something like that. It also has to do with a Saywer Brown song.

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