Sad Songs and Waltzes

Well, I’m back after surviving another Christmas!

Mom, Dad, you’ve probably experienced it already, but when you get back in
expect a log of love from Scotty (cat). When I went in I accidently
let one food bowl get empty and I was treated to the royal telling off,
followed by a lot of scritchin’, meowing, and requests for head scratches and

Some computer updates: I’ve had a couple of weird crashes, so today a nice
new shiny chassis fan got added (with a bit of force I admit). That and I
also now have kernel 2.4.0-test12, patched
for reiserfs (and using that on all but
“/”), as well as the latest nVidia
drivers for the GeForce2. Still no luck with getting quake working yet.

Reiserfs was fun though…. lots of time spent watching the copying of files
back and forth between scratch partitions and real partitions. Lots of fun.
But things are pretty much set here I think.

Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hde2 474474 45218 404757 11% /
/dev/hde5 9767184 4519748 5247436 47% /home
/dev/hde7 6835400 1005388 5830012 15% /usr
/dev/hde8 6835400 1755952 5079448 26% /usr/local
/dev/hde9 5598416 2118360 3480056 38% /var
/dev/hdf1 9765168 5113444 4651724 53% /var/ftp/pub/mp3
/dev/hde1 10231392 7243864 2987528 71% /root/dosc

Oh, and thanks for the tip cuv, freeamp
is pretty cool!

Can’t wait till the LAN party on Saturday! Whohohooo! Fraggin’ and chicken

Ever notice that the only times you speak directly to your toilet are

  1. When you are puking your guts out and asking it for forgiveness and
    promising you’ll never do this again.
  2. When it’s plugged up and the water is raising and you’re asking it
    “stop, please stop, please for the love of $DEITY stop, no higher, please,
    no higher…”

Food for thought huh?