Back in Black

Well, back to 2.2.18. I had a few crashes and freezes and kernel panics with
the setup described below, so I’m at 2.2.18, with the UltraDMA IDE and
Reiserfs patchs applied. Seems cool, I can finally play quake again! The
main thing that sucks is that the version of Reiserfs differed between 2.2.18
and 2.4.0-test* patches, so I had to play partition juggling and throw data
back and forth on my spare partition so I could convert all the 3.6 reiserfs
partitions to 3.5. I hope that this little detail is rectified RSN, because
when they release 2.4.0 I’ll be switching to that (once everything is stable)
and I don’t want to do this again.

So the LAN party is tomorrow, and I’m stocked. Sucks that everyone is sick.
I hope that I don’t get sick too, though depending on how my work hell-month
of Jan goes it might be a welcome break for a couple of days.

Saw Fantasy Mission Force with
Brad today. It was possibly the worst movie ever. On a scale of 0-10 (no
negative numbers allowed) I give it 0.00000000000000000000001. The only
reason it got that high is Jackie Chan is in it and fights well and does one
or two mildly amusing things. Of course, to quote my friend Ard on IRC:
<Ardaniel> anything is good when it’s not Fantasy Mission

Ah well, off to cut my toenails and then bed!