This weekend was, to say the least, a little different. I helped Firefly
housesite for a bit, and am reconsidering my resitant acceptance of perhaps,
one day, getting a dog. Five of them in a house, many “accidents”, both big,
small, and discusting, including a path of terror including a yoga videotape,
candles, and shoes. Lets just say if I ever turn from a cat-person to a
cat-person-who-has-a-dog, it’ll be with a well trained dog.

The house had a HUGE number of DVDs too. And a TV/sound system to die for.
Cat5, his second TV/system in the upstairs room put yours to shame! I’m not
even going to start on the “main” system 🙂 I finally saw some shows that I
either haven’t seen for a while or never really wanted to pay for, including
Road Trip (not terrible, a good
funny movie), Deuce Bigalo
(about the same) and Shaft.

TV shows that don’t suck lately:

  • The Practice
  • This weeks X-Files (1000% better than the last few I’ve seen)
  • Malcom In The Middle (screwy, but good)
  • Boston Public

Finding people on the Internet’s not as easy as it is rumored to be. Last
time I saw, you could just plug a random name into a search engine and you’ll
be showered with bits and pieces of data about them from a long time ago. At
least, that’s what happens with me. Oh well, I’m
sure I’ll find Al Horne eventually. Aside: wow, I thought that old data dissapeared
after a while.