Nothing Says Christmas Like a Card from California

Q: How do you train a Glo-Monkey?

A: The same way you train any other glowing animal.

Another dream, this time involving co-workers. And porn.

Great, this has to be a sign of some sort of mental breakdown.

The one bit that was semi-interesting was when one of our salespeople came
and asked me about my porn site surfing. I responded with “which one?”
Never admit or deny anything till you hear the evidence they have against
you right? She says “this freshmeat site.” I of course proceeded to
laugh my ass off, as I really doubt that has any porn on it.

In the dream I also proceeded to kick our newest java programmer (Colin) off
of IRC.

On a side note, my belated online “thanks and you’re awsome” to Engel for
scooping me up Lord of the Rings, which I’ve been wanting to finally read for
some time now, especially since the movie is coming out.