If I had a Million Dollars…

Quicky update (belated). I had my car in for it’s regular servicing today. A
strange thing for me actually, as I’m more used to only taking a car into the
shop when something is actually broken on it. Of course, I know that 99% of
the time it’s un-needed and a way for them to make money, but it wasn’t that
bad and I got a free clean out of the deal (which lets me check off another
uncompleted goal from the weekend, “find detailing place.”

I also got a couple of things going tonight as well. I didn’t get to
do testing for work stuff, as right in the middle of literally running the
test program, my net went out. As you can see it’s back now, but at the time
I just gave up and went to bed for my luxurious 7 hours. However, I did get

  • CD-Burning
    going under linux (not hard, just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet).
  • Installed the Linux
    Progress Patch
    on my system. Basically it’s a cool graphical bootup
    thingy, which is pretty cool. Granted, it sucks a bit that it’s another
    patch that I’ll have to remember to apply when I upgrade, but c’est la vie