Do Alien Backhoes use Glo-Monkeys for Fuel?

Aiiieee! They’ve started again!

I was stuck on an island (think Blue
) with someone, don’t remember who.
There was no one else around but for some reason we had phone/email contact
with Moe. Moe worked at a place that made artificial landscapes (think
bryce3d in real life) but he was fired for “having thoughts or feelings of his
own.” Guess his company didn’t like that. Me and whoever else were sitting
around and we had contacted some aliens, or something. You know how when you
think about contact with aliens you wonder how similar things are with them as
they are with us? ie: did they develop the same tools, etc. Well, same thing
here, with heavy construction equipment. For some reason we had access to an
alien (I think it was alien anyway) equivilant of a CAT backhoe-type device.
I got to drive it for some reason, and… do something with it. Dig up the
beach or something. I’m in the middle of learning how all the levers work
when we get an email/call from Moe, saying to look across the bay. He shows
us how he can change the hill from look 1 (don’t remember) to look 2 (look 2
was a cave with a couple of elegant houses built into it) through his company.
At the end of the convo whoever was there with me tells me that he was just
fired, and to be careful with the backhoe.

Very weird. Very trippy. I did watch the Blue Lagoon (or saw something about
it on the net over the weekend, which explains that aspect of it.

Randomness: Last night I watched a show that had me find my double. It was
one of those “greatest police videos” type shows, except it was on TLC and had
extra bits like interviews with people, and bits on the worst (some guy who
had accidents all the time), best (a guy who drove the speed
limit 100% of the time, no matter what) and the guy who had the best road
rage. It was this last gentleman who I had a connection with. He was a
bitter english chap who drove for a living and whenever he got in the car
critized other drivers. He even made a list of things that pissed him off
(people who don’t use their indicators, people who are always braking, people
who drive swedish cars….). It was hilarious to watch this bitter cout go on
about xxx type of drivers and basically how they suck. He felt he was a good
driver because he drove ~180miles a day (I do not want his job).

Argh, anyway, time to start off this wonderful monday.