“Disappointing” Part Deux

This dream was harder to discern from reality. There was a wedding (I
watched Lethal Weapon 4 last
night which is probably what brought that on. The wedding/dinner was at
someone’s house, and Tig, K, and my wee leetle cousin from Ottawa were all
there (that I remember). The food was the strange part I think. It kept
appearing from nowhere in the form of snack foods. I kept on wondering when
the main course was coming, and kept on snacking on things (they even had
sushi!). My uncle (or someone) gave me an expensive gold watch he got from
the RCMP when he was in it (the thin, flat kind). This again I think was
caused by some movie I watched recently with someone giving watches away. I
kept on wanting to talk to K about something, but when I wanted to she was
never around. Tig left sometime in the middle of the wedding without telling
me, leaving me to wander around aimlessly for a while wondering where he was
before K told me.

“Disappointing” was the title last week too, but I forgot to put anything
relevant. I was at a LAN party last week and we watched a movie. Someone
mentioned that the actor in it (for the life of me I can’t remember the movie
or the character, but he was an older guy) was gay. One of the people next to
me said “how disappointing.” Never one to miss an argument about something I
of course asked “how so?” They replied that it was disappointing that he was
gay because he seemed like he would be the kind of person who’d have a family
and grandkids and such. My response of “so?” really meant “who the hell says
he can’t, just because he’s gay you religious homophob”, but in a much softer
way. I guess I just can’t stand it when people are like that. Granted, I
never miss the opportunity to miss a fight as well 🙂

I think one thing I will automatically “fight” about is when someone has a
strong opinion of something. I think it was taught young or something that
there are always two sides to a story. If some says that “xxx is the
only xxx for xxx”, I’ll say “but what about yyy?” I’m a huge Linux fan and
use it for everything (except some games), but if someone were to try to
convince me that it is perfect for everything, well, I’d say no, what about
desktop publishing, what about people who need program x, y, and z. If
someone tries to tell me that doing all your HTML by hand is the only way,
well, that’s true most of the time, but when I wanted to make a
quick page that I don’t care about (ie: the realtor home pages I was doing a
few years back) I’d use frontpage because quite
honestly, while it sucked ass, it was still quicker to set up a few nested
tables in and throw some shitty page togeather than doing it by hand. When I
want to do a page I care about (ie: my own) I do it by hand with zero
questions asked.

Is this some huge character flaw? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I just
found it “disappointing” that someone were to write of someone else because of
their sexual preference, for religious reasons or not. Maybe they didn’t mean
what I thought they meant, maybe they did. But it was still disappointing.