I haven’t had a dream I have been able to remember to share, so after an early
(11:30 in bed, 12:20 approx asleep) night last night I had a strange one.

was working at home, and from somewhere my ex-girlfriend arrived, just
wanting to hang out and shoot the shit for a bit (I think sophisticated
people say “visit”). We did, and then she left to go on a bus somewhere for
a bit, and I went back to work. I noticed that she left a bottle of
anti-lice lotion there, and figured she had them so I’d be best to put it on.
It was like thick hand moisturizer, and it was quite gross, but I put it all
down my arms and legs, turning me momentarily into a gross white thing. Time
passed, and I guess I got bored so I went next door to visit Brad at work.
We shot the shit for a bit as well and I used his second computer to make a
George Jones CD. I changed the password to “Jones” too I think. I wanted to
print out a cover for the CD but he didn’t have a printer. I mucked around a
bit more, and even came back for a few minutes after he’d left for some
reason, but snuck out very soon feeling very guilty for being there when I
shouldn’t have.

I went back home and had to help some trucker (a friend? relative?) tie down
his truck stuff. Inside the trailer I helped to reef down the cables that
kept the boxes in place. The strap mechanism was free flowing, so I asked
him how they were tightened and he responded that you pushed the strap in
right after the pulley to tighten it. The rest of the workers even had a
rack of small sticks, with designs drawn on them, that they used. It was
almost ritual…

I went back to home and had something to eat (cheese) and put something in the
microwave, while attempting to do more work. Somewhere along the way someone
came along and I was distracted again, and someone took the cheese (or was it
bagels) out of the microwave.

Very strange. I think it happened in a short amount of time, because I woke
up around 5:11am and thought “wow, no dreams” (and was very happy to have more
than an hour of time left for sleep). Well, either that or I thought this
when I was woken up by my primary alarm at 6:40am. Either way it was weird
and trippy enough to share.

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