Do other people have the voices in their heads?

Pop Quiz. Say you are a 600 pound man, dating a girl who loves you and does
anything you want her to do. Now say you had a small, how you say, “affair”.
If you were going to tell her this, would you…

  • Tell her that your feelings have changed, or that you need some time,
    or any of a thousand non-hurtful ways of telling someone you’re not going
    to be with her.


  • Bring her on the Jerry Springer Show along with the anorexic piece of
    trailer trash (and I mean that in every sense of the word) with the
    largest bleached blond hair I’ve seen since the 80s, and get the ho to
    tell her that she’s fucking you.

Personally I’d take option #1, but hey, that’s just me.

On an aside, from the next “guest”, does starting a conversation with “Well,
as you may know I sleep with married men for money…” do Good or Bad for your reputation. Such wonderful
phrases like “Your mama a slut, bitch” are thrown about. Such eliquance.

I’d go on a bit about the people on the show, but I’ll not waste too many
electrons. All I know is I really, really hope that they get these
people off a small island somewhere (or maybe grow them… hm….) and that
these people never actually make contact with the rest of the population.
Maybe because of it’s huge ratings (who wouldn’t want to watch a couple of
guys try to fight, or a couple of girls, or hell, just a whole bunch of
people) it’s seen all over the place and this is what other cultures think
that western culture is (for example, right now a high paid prostitute is
trying to convince her cousin that it’s not a bad thing that she’s taking her
sister (19) into the prostitution game). Good God.

Someday, someday I think that I’d like to gather up all these people and ship
them to Greenland, just like we talked about in high school. At least the
Jerry Springer commercials admit they are “detaching themselves from normal

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. I’m going to go back to hiding
indoors now.