I wonder if Bill Gates’ wife really loves him? I’m a romantic at heart, and I
would love to believe that they fell in love and the past, present and
bankroll didn’t matter.

But that’s a damn big bankroll. I’m sure he signed a pre-nup, he’d be
committed if he didn’t, but isn’t that still like marrying the jock because he
has a cool car, and while you may not get the car, you’ll be able to
ride around in it for as long as you want? And unlike a car, money doesn’t
get boring (or so I assume). Again, I’m sure there is some love there (have
you seen the
!), but I wonder if it is the same sort of love as is between people
that aren’t the richest man in the world and an ex-Microsoft secretary (white
collar sweatshop hostage I mean).

Yea, another late night. Lots more bugs fixed… the only problem I have left
that is technically mine is not in my hands, and depending on $BIGCOMPANYs
ability to actually fix it (slim to none), won’t matter. Course, I’m also
helping other people, and trying to be the glue that holds togeather lots of
little pieces here and there. I drew a diagram of some of the inner workings
of things (mostly for my own sanity and so I didn’t have to keep drawing it in
my mind and second guessing myself) and some of it was damn complicated.
Granted, it was drawn in a pretty unorganized fashion (as soon as I have time
I’ll whip out dia and make
it better.

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