And the Oscar Goes to…

Blast, I’m sick now. I hate being sick. This came on Thursday and Friday,
slowly getting worse, and no signs of stopping. I can’t say I feel worse now
than I did this morning, but how I felt this morning was far worse than I felt
Saturday morning. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to taking a sick day
unless things drastically improve.

Yesturday was pretty good. A trip into Ikea with Cat5 and a couple of others
netted me the two things I wanted, a new computer chair (fighting firefly for
my good one sucks) and a shelf for my desk (simple, integrated, and
organized!). The sidetrip to Coast Moutain in metrotown to search for “cheap”
Arctery’x and Patagonia clothing. Well, while 40% off is pretty good, 40% off
of $600 is still far too expensive! I also looked for hiking shoes/boots as
Tig, Foz, Joker and I were going to head up to Squamish to do some hiking
today, but of course the only pair that wasn’t too loose or tight in the toes
was in the “more expensive” ($160) zone. Thanks but no thanks.

I obviously didn’t go hiking today because (as you may or may not have figured
out) I feel like shit. This really sucks, not only because I really hate
being sick, but because I was really looking to get out on the trail/rock

Last night I don’t know if it was the sick or the tea I consumed, but I wasn’t
really tired at all. I ended up getting up from bed and surfing for a bit
until 3am or so. Woke up at 9am quite awake (and feeling crappy).

Hmm…. so True Lies is on
(with a tagline of “wouldn’t you rather watch this <insert shots of Jamie
Lee Curtis’ scantily clad butt> than some boring awards show?”), but
nothing Malcom in the Middle, Futurama, or X-Files wise. Bah Humbug.