I Dedicate This Entry to Pizza and Beer

Well, I took monday off because I was sick. I felt well enough the next day
to head into work, where everyone else started dropping off sick. I think
thursday there were about 4 people away sick (not my fault I swear!). I have
been fighting with a few things at work as well, nothing huge, but some of
those “gee wouldn’t it be nice if…” type questions. Hopefully it’ll all be
done RSN. I just got a book in the mail today from Chapters on effective C programming, which I
hope will help my code be the best it can be. Or something like that.

Finally got out to the climbing gym thursday night as well. Monkey Mountain
doesn’t totally suck anymore! They are actually under new ownership and are
called “Flashpoint” now. They take plastic again! I’m thinking that a months
pass ($50) would do me good. With drop in rates at $14 a shot, it’s really
almost impossible to not be worth it…. all you have to do is go 4 times a
month and you’re ahead.

I found out exactly how long I’d been away from the rock as well. Parts of my
body that I thought were in good shape now ache, and parts I’d forgotten about
are making themselves loudly known! I knew that the first time back climbing
(or the first few times) was going to be like this though. Sort of the reason
I’ve been avoiding it as well. We lasted a couple of hours, then headed in an
exausted mass out to find some food. Personally my lower biceps, legs, toes,
fingers, and fingertips all hurt. I thought my forearm strength was better
than that! Oh well, this is why I’m going to be going climbing as much as
possible now, and rubbing my fingertips on sandpaper or something to toughen
them up!

Went to MEC last night with Cat5 to equip him
with gear. We’re planning on hitting squamish on sunday, and having to wear
my spare gear would probably have been just painful. We outfitted him with
shoes (Boreal Ballets) harness (Petzel, one step down from my new one), and
other misc items (ATC, locking oval). I was a very good and
restrained myself from spending over $5.50 on a new keychain biner. They
don’t have the little Omegas anymore, like Brad and I got in ’93, as I guess
Omega doesn’t exist. The ones that are the same size are the mini versions of
the Black Diamond hotwire.
Kinda funky. I don’t like replacing my aging, worn little biner, but the gate
is starting to stick and loosing my keys would really really suck.

On to randomness…

I had three distinct weird dreams last night. As I just woke up (noon) they
have faded, but I do remember the skinny on ’em.

  • I was in a simpsons cartoon talking to the weird scientist guy
  • I was on a boat in some tropical place, where the waves were washing
    up the shore and wiping out cars, and there was an evil guy that we
  • Something else I can’t remember now for the life of me, should have
    made notes when I first started writing this.

In going through the books in MEC I found a bunch that I actually own already,
but are still at home… I think I’ll head there tonight and pick them up.
The Performance Rock Climbing one is the one I’m most interested in,
but I don’t remember the last time I saw it at home. I hope I haven’t leant
it out to someone before I moved out and don’t have it anymore…