Oh, for a gun, please, just a little one…

So I flick through the channels tonight and come across “Boot Camp.”.




So survivor was pretty bad. It was lame, it promoted a “one winner, all
others are losers” mentality, but at least it was a tiny bit, just a minute
bit, original. This POS show takes the worst of survivor and the worst of….
well, I can’t say. Basically from the last 10 min of the show, it looked
pretty much exactly like survivor. Instead of getting “immunity” you get
“amnesty”. Instead of being voted off the island, you are dismissed from the
squad (with the added twist that when you get voted off the island.. erhm,
squad, you get to choose who you take with you). Instead of a tribal council
you stand at attention. Instead of the lame ass saying “I will now tally
the votes” you have a lame ass in a drill instructor hat saying something
like “the squad has made it’s decision.”

I’m going to guess that their “challenges” involve pretty much the same sort
of challenges that survivor has, only with an army theme. I’d say I’ll see
if I’m right, but i really hope that I never see this again.

Got gas today at 56.9. Glad I got it in time before it’s weekly pre-weekend
10 cent jump.

Got a membership to the climbing gym too. Instead of being Monkey Mountain
anymore, it’s under new management and is now called Flashpoint. Their prices
are the same, but the owners are pretty cool, and they now take all forms of

With the prices as they are, I only have to go 4 times in a month to have it
pay itself off. I hope that I go that much! I really,
really want to go climbing again, and I guess eventually I
just had to bite the bullet and go back. The worst part is that going back
into exercise after being out of it for a while is that it’s a spiral
downward. I used to be a good climber. Not competition class or anything,
but I could toprope 5.11b/c (Clean Crack… mmm…. what a beautiful
crack). School, work, friends getting married and having kids (you know who
you are!) and generally lazyness on my part let me get out of climbing, and
out of shape. Feeling out of shape makes you more reluctant to go back out
because you know you’re not going to be as good, and it’s a big blow
to the ego to not be able to do what you used to, instead of being able to do
better. So you don’t go, get more out of shape, feel worse for getting out of
shape, etc etc. Ditto with just going to the gym. Oh well, the bullet has
been bit and I’ll be dragging myself around and pulling on some plastic to get
my weak forearms back in shape. Oh, and hopefully grow some skin back on my
fingers too 🙂

In this spirit, I foolishly said “ok” when D from work (not ScoobyD though)
said “I go running at lunch, want to go?” Oh man, what a fool I am. She
tried to kill me I swear! 40 minutes of straight running (well, in theory
anyway). It’s a 6km route, takes about 40 minutes, and is way out my league
(now anyway (that’s the spirit!)). I made it 3km just fine (well, for varying
levels of “fine”). I made it with her, without stopping, puking, or passing
out. At that point I said “you go on ahead.” Probably more like “you….
<pant> go…. <pant> on…. <pant> ahead…. <pant>”
The route back was spent alternating running and walking. If I haven’t said
it before, thank you SilverStr for the showers in the office.