No the 10 hour estimate is not driving at a resonable speed

Vivid dream last night.

Mom had sent me to Calgary (actually up the sea to sky highway) for some
reason (I had to drop something off I think…. heck of a trip (10 hours each
way) to drop something off). I was going up there in a snowstorm while waching
a VHS video on my in-dash DVD player, when it started getting late, so I stopped
by Hanks auto-shop (where I knew some people I think) and asked if I could crash
there. They brought out a cot but then I asked how far it was to the nearest
hotel/motel. Just down the road a couple of minutes. Oh ok then, well, why
don’t I get the phone number here and call you if it’s close enough to get to,
because I’d rather stay there just because of the shower and everything. This
was followed by me trying to find a business card to figure out their phone
number, and them explaining that I only need the 467- number if I’m only
listening. So I head off into the snow with my car, but the real reason that
I wanted to go was because I didn’t want to spend the night on a greasy old
cot, and I wanted to watch my videos. Going “just down the block” took a long
time, 2-1/2 hours or more actually, because when I woke up it was 6:43am and
when I remembered waking up the first time from my dream it was 4am. I

Wow, a dream that’s remembered pretty much whole, and isn’t completely weird.
Amazing. Now time to get my butt moving to get ready for work…

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