Future Shop Shines Again

I finally got climbing last weekend… man it was good… sooooo goooooood.
Me, Gumby and Cat5 wandered out to Squamish Saturday morning (nice and early)
and hit the rock. My first climb (a 5.8/5.9 with a .10a start) I did great
at, ditto with Who Needs Bolts and Who Needs Pro (.10a and .10c
(I think)) were also awsome, even though I left a fair amount of shoe rubber
on the latter 🙂 Hit The Zip before lunch (which turned out to be the
end of the day due to time restrictions (heading to dinner at momanddads)). I
loooooove the Zip… such an awsome crack (5.10a). Almost as nice as Clean
. Anyway, it was a great day and I got home tired and sore, with
some nice scraps on my knuckles to show that I had actually been sinking some
good hand jams!

“There’s a million soldiers who’d follow you to the end of the universe”

“I don’t want to go to the end of the universe.”

 — Alai and Ender, Enders

Yup, finished it, hopefully getting the second one tomorrow at lunch (unless D
makes me run again). Awsome book, loved it. I was expecting the ending but
didn’t know when they’d do it (if you read the book you’d understand). Thanks
to Cat5 for the lend.

Yea, I ran again today. It was nice when we left but about halfway through it
started sprinkling… then pouring, then hailing…. gotta love BC weather eh?
It could have been worse though, about an hour after we got back (I actually
didn’t go as far as D did on the “normal” run, and felt better for it I
think…. actually had some gumption left at the end, even though I didn’t run
the whole way (something to work towards, as well as better shoes)) it started
hailing like all get out. I mean hailing. I would not have
wanted to have been out there driving, much less running unprotected!

To whoever is DOSing my system, bugger off before I find you and kill you with
a salmon ok?

Oh, I bought a computer game. A windows game no less.
Black and White. I warezed a copy first
of course, to see how good it was, and oh man it’s fun, and good too. The AI
for the creatures rocks, and my current games (Carl the monkey and Ned the
Tiger) are doing awsome. What better game than to be a god? For details
about the game see the following creature
and screenshots.

It’s like crack, I swear. Training a computerized creature to learn
is addictive in some way. And you really do get attached to the little
buggers, even when they eat people or poop in peoples houses. Oh, and don’t
try to teach them horse tossing, it’s just not worth it. Every now and then
Carl will wander away from my Village, grab a horse, chuck it down towards the
beach, and then wander back… it’s hilarious!

I almost didn’t get the game. You see, we all decided we liked the game
enough to buy it, so when driving home we started calling the places around
town to see how much it was. The first place was Future Shop and the
conversation went something like this:

Future Shop: Hello how can I direct your call?

Arc: Computers, but please don’t make me wait on hold too long.

FS: [3 hours of holding followed by a redirection back to the front desk]

FS: Hi there, you were holding for?

A: Computers, but I don’t want to wa…

FS: [hold music for another 3 hours]
A: [mutter]

FS: Hi there, I’ll try them again.


FS: [more, you guessed it, hold music]

FS: You were holding for?

A: Computers, but maybe you can help me!

FS: Certainly Sir

A: I’m looking to see what the price of the computer game Black and White

FS: One moment please.

FS: [a few seconds of hold music]

A: [sings along with the muzac]

FS: The price is $59.99 with a $20 rebate.

A: That’s great!

FS: But we’re all out at the moment.

A: Oh, that sucks, when do you expect more in?

FS: Wednesday

A: Isn’t today wednesday? [Editors note: it was actually tuesday, but my mine
was broken… however, she didn’t seem to notice]

FS: Yes sir, I meant next wednesday.

A: Ok, thankyou

A: [punch “End” key and curse]

So we went everywhere else (we couldn’t get another store on the phone) but
everyone was closed, so we finally, just for fun, went to future shop. Well,
lo and behold, there were gobs of Black and White (which comes in a really
cool two sided box too) sitting right in the “New” section of the computer
games. I mentioned this to the guy who sold me mine and he kinda muttered.
When asked if he cared he replied “no, not really, I’m not supposed to be here
today anyway.” Not sure if he was trying to get that “working man comoradory”
going with me or he was just a non-caring Future Shop weenie.

Moral of the story is not to believe Future Shop about anything 🙂

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