What is a “Hegemon” anyway? Some sort of pokemon hedge creature?

Well, I did technically get to sleep yesturday, and not this morning, which is
a good sign. My one bitch about Black and White is that there are some parts
you just can’t skip (I think there is a tool out there for them though). So
if you decide to start a second game, you still have to go through
the same BS at the start, with the demos of how to do things, and the long
dialog, and those goddamn singing little bastard
(I guess it would not be “goddamn” but “medamn” huh?).

I had another strange dream last night.

I think we were fighting the buggers (see Enders Game) or
something, but they were people, with primitive fighting implements, and
who were from quebec (or just on the Quebec border). They came at us and
I (or the hero of the dream, I’m not sure) was narrowly saved by the parrot
around his neck catching, deflecting, or absorbing the arrow shot at him.
I (or the hero) after having his own arrow shot from his hand, said “Oh, I
didn’t realize you wanted a king killer” (or something like that that
didn’t sound nearly so lame) and shot past the two protecting guys and through
the chief/kings grass sheild, ending the battle (which was incidently over
or by a stone structure with a balcony and a ladder up to it, and is right
on the english side of the quebec border).

And the people at work laugh and say “I’m scared, he writes weird dreams
down.” Muauahahaahahahaa!

Side note: While the Canucks did lose 5-1 last night, with 3 goals scored
against them in 36 seconds in the 3rd
period, they still played valiently and we all (and I’m sure Vancouver proper
as well) can say they are proud of their guys for putting up the fight that
they did. Colorado swept us 4 games to none, but we put up a hell of a fight.
Congrats guys!