Happy Pot Day Duuuuuude

Or so I’m told it’s pot day or something like that. A couple of references to
“4:20” have passed my way through TV and stuff online. Oh well, I don’t smoke
pot so I guess I really don’t care less.

Ah joy, another vividly remembered dream…..

I was going to the temple on top of a very steep hill. The two people I was
driving with pissed me off so I got out of the car and decided to walk. The
road was a switchback and very very steep. Through the woods
too, a very BC look. The people drove on ahead (or went somewhere else) and I
started walking up this road, legs burning. I got a little way up and saw
through the fence (there was a fence running up the hill) a bear. I froze
instantly and looked for a cub, which there was none…. almost. It was a
little behind it’s mom. I breathed a sigh of relief because we all know never
to get between a bear and her cubs. Unfortunately, about that time the cub
decided that it was going to check me out. So it comes tromping towards me
and sniffs me or something, and mom doesn’t like this at all and comes
charging at me, howing and very angry. I cowered in a ball and while the bear
did hurt me, I didn’t “feel” it, even in my dream. Maybe I was in shock or
something. The bear wanders off after I guess it was sure that its cub was
safe and I raced uphill. I mean raced. This was like a mountain (class 4)
and I was just motoring up.

I eventually get to the temple (which looked more like a picnic spot) and
found some “friends” of mine. I tried to tell them of my adventure, and got
about halfway through the story just above when they lost interest, or were
distracted by something, or something. It seemed like the
rest of my dream was trying to get them to pay attention to me long enough to
finish my story. Maybe that is why I remember the bear attack so clearly but
hardly have any recallection of the rest of the events.

Firefly and her mom did some massive changes to the apartment yesturday, huge
kudos and thanks them them. The closets were outfitted with those closet
organizer things, and things were moved around to creat a much better use of
space. How long such great organization will last I can’t say, but
I’m willing to bet that it’ll be until I have to actually use
anything šŸ™‚

Sunrun Sunday, I’m scared.

Climbing Saturday though, so I’m excited šŸ™‚

MEC tonight so I’ll be broke!