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Finally back. Sure, it took almost a week to write an entry here, but what do
you expect with all my free time lately?

First of all, a recap (kinda) of the trip: “great”. More detail can be found
by reading this and this.

Returning to Vancouver meant rain. Lovely. This was about 1am on wednesday.
Thursday I had to drive Firefly into the airport in the pouring rain, again,
great. At least I didn’t get lost. Coming back I went to the dentist because
of a tooth that was bothering me. Turns out it was semi-wisdom tooth related.
I still have my widsom teeth (so far anyway) but the little flap of skin over
them gets gunk under it and gets infected, causing swelling and pain. This
all has some very medical name that I don’t remmber for the life of me. It
was long and important sounding anyway. So no surgery or anything needed (I
was referred to a dude for setting this up though), and they gave me some
antibiotics to take until it goes away. So that was thursday. Friday,
saturday, and sunday all involved me going into work. Friday it was for a
semi-disaster (which I told them if one happened I’d come in), saturday it was
to catch up on some stuff and because everyone else was in, and
sunday we had a “Lone Gunmen Premiere” party (it was very good btw, watch for
a review on ufies Real Soon Now).

I’ve been wearing hawaiian shirts lately to do my best to keep the magic (and
memories) of the heat alive. Seems to be working too. I’m almost relaxed and
happy, though I could easily have spent another week, month, year there. I
came back with several desires:

  • Learn to scubadive. I’ve found a guy at work (waves to Joker) who
    dives and has said he’d send me information on certification, the best
    place to take courses, etc. It’s also good to know I have someone
    experienced to go with should I ever actually go. Apparently
    certification runs ~$300 though šŸ™
  • To get a huge freshwater fishtank. This is a pure dream, space and
    $-wise, but there were so many wonderful fish in the waters of hawaii it
    would be great to see that again. An old friend of mine from my last job
    had a tank like this and it looked awsome.
  • Try to get another bonsai and this time don’t let the cats
    kill it. The problem is the furry little buggers rule the house, and I
    can’t think of a place I could store a plant of some kind that was
    protected from the cats but still in the sunlight, unless I rigged some
    sort of hanging basket type deal (which just means the cats have to work a
    little harder to get at it.

My first day of work back, or the morning anyway, was actaully decent, other
than the fact that my alarm was an hour ahead for some reason, so I got rudely
woken up at 6am instead of 7 šŸ™ When I reset it it was fine though…. I had
time to shave, have breakfast, make my lunch, and surf to my list of
daily online comics. Quite a feat. Normally I get one or two of those things
done šŸ™‚