My ears are wet inside…. I think it’s my brain trying to escape.

Wow, leaving work at 7:30pm…. a hell of an early night. Course, I did this
with reason, and I’m going back to work now (remotely)… Joker from work, the
guy who knows his stuff scuba-wise agreed to take me out to the pool and do
some pool excersises to get me “trained” and if I didn’t suck he’d take me out
with him this weekend on an ocean dive. I think I impressed him by not
drowning, and as long as their is no chance of me dropping like a rock to the
bottom of the ocean I’ll be fine. My main problem was keeping myself at
neutral boyancy, without going up or down. A couple of times I drifted up
and sideways without realizing it and some other swimmers scraped their guts
on my head and gear 🙂 The main thing that really got me was trying to
absorb and remember to do everything at once… keep breathing, don’t hold
your breath, equalize, let air out of your vest, put air into your vest, don’t
swim into a wall, etc etc, all at the same time. Mom, dad, don’t worry, Joker
is a certified dive master (ie: not just some guy who’s taken a course or two
and thinks he knows what is going on), so it’s ok 🙂 From my short exposure
it looks like divers and climbers have about the same amount of paranoia in
their sports 🙂

Now it’s time to ssh into work, crank Enya,
and keep on codin’!