“Your pets are not your pets, they are your hostages”

Sometimes I even amaze myself. I got home from work at around 11:50 tonight,
and I could see my breath as I walked in from the car. In about 10 hours I am
intending to purposefully throw myself into the ocean! What sort of
a nutter am I anyway?

I think I figured out something about cats tonight, phsychology wise anyway.
First of all, I’m glad they’re not women who are allowed to Change The Rules
whenever needed. Anyway, you know how when you accidently do something bad to
a cat, like step on it’s tail, and then squeak, and then you bend down to say
sorry and they freak out and run away? Well, imagine this: You are suddenly
hit across the head by some creature five times your size. While still
reeling from the shock, the beast bends down towards you and screaches in some
ugly language at you. You’re going to get the hell out of there. Ditto with
cats I think. If you step on their tail and then come at them immediately, in
my case saying “oops, sorry, you ok?” to them, could be seen as an attack of
some kind. If you accidently do something to them, just continue over, and
don’t come at them. Course, that’s basically a complete guess, and should be
considered worth the paper it’s printed on.

That bastard LIMOS tried to assign a bug to me as he was walking out the door
tonight! How dare he!