Sleep come to me my elusive mistress!

Well, last night was definately not as restful as the night before.
After removing a bunch of accounts (shell access anyway) on (due to
a DoS attack) it was about midnight. Around then I checked my mail and Cuv
from work had asked me to change a DNS entry for his new domain. No biggie, but in watching the
system messages when doing it I noticed some errors with another part of my
DNS setup. So an hour later that was finally resolved (took more searching
and gimping than it should have) and by that point I needed a little urban terror (oh yea…..).

Course, about then I noticed that a new patch for quake3, and of course I had
to get it and report on
. Needless to say it was a late night for me.

Then I come home today and discover firefly and fireflymom have returned to my
place, along with 3 dogs, one of which has had a little “incident” with a
skunk. They went for a walk with Circe today or something and Sasha (one of
the dogs being dog-sat) came upon a skunk and decided to play, or sniff it’s
butt, or something. Either way there is a faint lingering smell that seems to
be a combination of dog, skunk, ketchup, vinegar, and skunk-b-gone (or some
sort of any skunk-smell stuff). It’s going away, but it was definately a
surprise to come home to. The cats were locked up in the bedroom, and I’m
sure they weren’t too happy about the whole thing either šŸ™‚


‘scuse me. Allergies. Sucks.

Today was more of the “find the random, un-reproducable, different every time,
curruption” bug that’s been my El-Guapo for the last couple of days. It’s
been pushed to the top of the stack of stuff to do, and I was going
to work on it more tonight but I ended up going out to dinner with firefly,
fireflymom, and 3 smelly dogs. Left the dogs in the car, had sushi. Yum.
Pumped some plastic at the rock gym with Cat5 afterwards as well, that was
good. We’re trying to train better, working with endurance a bit
more by getting a moderate climb (this case a semi-overhanging or vertical
5.9) and going up it without stopping several times. Gets a really good
forearm pump going, and gets us sweating and getting a good cardio workout.
This is a good thing of course, getting us to the point of muscle failure,
when you grip and grip but your hands just don’t do anything and eventually
you try to grab something that’s not some huge jug, and grease off very

Lets just say my fingers hurt now šŸ™‚ (but again, that’s a good thing).