Dolly Ain’t Where it’s at.

Had another really wierd dream last night.

It was wartime, and part of my work building (the middle part, with the
bathrooms and the hall around them) was there, by the beach. It was being
attacked and bombed (this was brought on no doubt by far too many hours of
playing Urban Terror last night). I
was hiding in the back hall and knew it was a stupid place to be because if
any bomb came close by then the center section would move backwards, crushing
all of us. I remember hoping that if it did happen that it was fast. I was
there with (of all people) Tom Cruise. When the gun fighting on the beach
stopped we looked out and saw that there were rocket wars happening…
basically jeeps or some sort of vehicles shooting rockets back and forth on
the beach. A while later (with “hero music” swelling up no doubt) I saw Tom
Cruise on the red motorcycle from Mission
shooting rockets. Wow. My hero <gag>.

I think I need serious help….