“There’s something about her / that makes me want to feed her…”

If the FBI is monitoring this page (as they should be) they’ll be interested
in my latest dream.

I was a willing participant in the assasination of Sinead O’Connor. Not
someone who actually was doing anything, but I knew about it and did nothing.
Maybe it was some sort of introspective thing to do with whether I suck or
not. I don’t remember exactly how I found out abou it, but I was around when
it happened, feigned horror and shock while hiding my fear of discovery, and
was sad when the sniper got her bald head.

I kept that all hidden of course,
even though I knew how it had all gone down. The sniper in the trees, the
people around her who got her by the window, how the radio would issue a
single click just before (or after, forget) the shot was fired (Yes, I realize
that makes no sense, but it’s a dream ok!). I’m still not sure why she had
such high security…. similar in a way to the presidents security, but again,
dreams don’t explain all that. Now if the dream had continued I’m not sure if
I would have broken down and told someone, or been able to keep the secret (I
don’t remember anyone paying me for my silence or participation, so there was
really no reason to do it….).

Yes, it was very weird.