Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart, sweet Mary Lou I’m so in love with you…

I had a couple of vivid dreams last night, except the only one I remember is
the last one. The first one I remembered really well when I woke up at 5am,
and said to myself “you just have to remember the word …” and of course I
don’t remember the word. The one I do remember was weird though…

I was playing Urban Terror in real life
(again), in a building that had a pool (I think)
in it (though not like any of the maps that are in the game). There were some cool
additions and differences in playing it in real life though…. one was
tranquilizer darts. Another (which I used when I was hit by a tranquilizer
dart) was the “Porn Star” (whose name I forget) with the optional “friends”
addon (like you’d have a silencer for a rifle, well, the pornstar addon was
her friends. There some other cool addons too, like stocks for your rifles,
tranquilizer rifles… Gameplay was different in some ways as well. I still
didn’t get tired at all, but you could pick an item up (in your hands) instead
of walking over it and then put it by your other hand, and whatever was in
your hand was added to your inventory….

I get the feeling I’ve been playing waaaaaay too much of this game lately 🙂

In other news, happy Canada Day (belated). Wandered out to my parents place
on Canada Day and the Arcterdad became a Canadian citizen! Whohoo! Congrats
Dad, I’m really proud of you! The ceremony was ok, not hugely long or boring,
and there was free (though gross) cake at the end. The day was finished off
with a party at SilverStr’s place, with everyone from work, except of course
the slacker loosers who didn’t come out 🙂 Lots of pool,
vegging, enjoying the backyard, and chatting with people about work and
non-work stuff. Very cool.

Happy 4th of July to the ‘merkins out there too. To celebrate and honor
this special day I think tonight I’ll watch Independence Day. Or maybe I’ll
hit the climbing gym… Either way, I’ll be thinking about all ya’ll.