Oh $DEITY Take me now!

Normally when I update at this time of night it’s going to be an early night
for me going to bed. Tonight, not so. I was in bed around 10pm last
night(!!!!). Scary but true. I’m up now because my cold/allergies are about
to kill me. I’m sitting here with my eyes not quite working, awake because
it’s impossible to sleep with a plugged up, runny nose and sneezing every 2
minutes. I’m not sure if this is allergies or a cold though. Allergies
normally don’t affect me at night, and they are only hay fever anyway. Hell,
I was riding my bike out in the sun monday with no allergy medication of any
kind and I was fine! My cow-orker ScoobyD has just got over/getting over a
cold, and as she has a desk right beside mine, that’s where my blame lies. Of
course, I haven’t had a cold in a long time, so I don’t remember how one
feels, but I thought the rest of me would feel worse…. this
sneezing/sniffing/runny nose/<pause to blow nose>congestion feels more
like allergies because the rest of me feels ok (well, did feel ok
until yesturday evening). I’ve definately had allergies lately (after
playing soccer friday afternoon for example, I felt the scratchy
throat/watery eyes/sniffing come up on me slowly) but this is either
the result of someone dumping a huge load of [whatever the hell causes
hay fever…. hay/tall grass I guess] under my window (I just closed all
doors and windows to my place in case that did happen… it’s going to
be boiling tomorrow but I don’t care!) or a real honest to goodness cold.

Did I mention I feel like crap? I’ve gone through half a roll of toilet paper
tonight. Hmm… maybe if it is a cold taking cold drugs would work better.
I’ve been taking allergy ones assuming that that was what I was dealing with.
At this point I’m about ready to down a bottle of random pills in the hope
that one of them will make me feel better! The raw nose due to blowing isn’t
all that much fun at this point either.

ScoobyD you’re an awsome java coder but at this moment in time I think I hate
you 🙂


I’m going to see if I have any more drugs that I can take.

Ok, the only thing I had that mentioned “allergy” and “runny nose” I took the
last one of earlier. The others were all for stuffy nose and congestion,
neither of which I have. I had clariton
though. I figure I’ll sit out here and do stuff (surf, do some research that
I need to do for work, maybe a little code to clear out a bug or two) until
either a) this stuff kicks in or b) I’m so tired I have no choice but to go to
sleep. See what good going to bed at an early hour does? 10pm should equal a
wonderful night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day!
So much for that crap. If this is what happens when I go to bed early from
now on it’s going to be 3am for me!

Oh by the way, unless I feel massively better in the next 6 hours or so, I’ll
be working from home/dying on my bed/couch k boss?