Update: Teeth went pretty well, considering they ripped things out of
my jaw
. The dude wasn’t an oral surgeon so I didn’t get the
opportunity to choose general or local anesthetic. Bummer, considering that
they ripped things out of my jaw. The bottom teeth were the
worst, with the doc occasionally saying decidedly un-reassuring
things like “hmmm…” and “oh that didn’t work.” In the process of
ripping things out of my jaw they had to cut one of the
bottom teeth into two and then 4 peices.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought, as I was extremly numb. The main thing was
the smell and sound of then cutting things in half. Lucky
I had a tarp over me and they couldn’t see me gripping my hands togeather so
I didn’t scream like a little girl as they ripped things out of my
. After the bottom ones he did the top (obviously) and they went
really easily. Because the bottom ones were half still inside my jaw
they had to cut them… the top ones however just “slid out”. Some instructions
on which drugs to take when, and how if I was a smoker this would really suck,
and I was sent home, where I’ve been spitting out blood, changing my gauze
pads and taking tylenol 3s.

All in all better than getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick, but still
not quite the way I wanted to spend my wednesday afternoon 🙂

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