Oh Highway, Yes it’s My Way…

My dream:

It’s still fresh in my mind. I brought my car in to the shop for something
(the shop was located where the Save-on-Foods is now at the bottom of the
hill) and they took it away from me! Kinda. Apparently in my dream when I
bought my car originally I bought it on lease, so every year (7 months?) I got
to trade it in for a new one. So for $700+ I got a nice new 2000 (not sure
why it wasn’t a 2001) Prelude. I talked with the salesdude for a bit, and
then the saleslady (who was in her bathrobe) and at the end of my dream she
was trying to find me a new car by hitting the car alarm beepers under the
desk and listening. Eventually she asked the salesdude to find one. About
this point I woke up.

Rough night. It was just boiling in here lately, at least
especially in the evening. This morning it looks pretty grey out there so
hopefully it’ll be a decent day.

Today I get to have my wisdom teeth out
(wee) as per the dentists suggestion from a couple of years ago. The horror
stories I’ve heard make me really want to reconsider though :\ I can
only hope that the extraction will be nice and smooth and easy, and even more
smooth if I can be put out while it’s happening 🙂 We’ll see. I’ve heard the
“oh it’s so eeeaaassyyyy” stories and the “… then the dentist stood on my
chest with the jackhammer…” stories. Not sure which one mine will be. I’ll
let ya’ll know though.