Fingy Huuuuurt. After a go at the gym I finally tried out
Flashpoint’s new boulder wall. Pretty good actually, I could even do a couple
of routes! Nice to know I can just go there anytime with a pair of shoes and
no partner and boulder around for a bit.

On a side note, I hate kids. The little punk that was about 15 and weighed
about as much as my leg? Him and his skinny-ass little frame of a body can go
to hell. The little girl who was about 12 and weighed about as much as my
head? Her and her 90 pound little punk ass can go to hell too.

My climbing harness seems to be fitting snugger around the mid-section these
days. This is good. This is also the only way I can really tell if I’m
loosing any real weight because I can’t see any difference. Course, it could
be my pain receptors in my belly are so bloated with pizza, beer and hotdogs
that I can pull the harness tighter without noticing.

Finished Module 1 in the PADI course (yay) and am about 1/3 the way into
module 2. Hope all ya’ll are doing the same!


I must retract my <BITCH> from the other day. As Tig has pointed out
to me, the links to speakeasy etc
are still accessable under links and other browsers. I am obviously smoking
crack. Actually what happened was I’m so used to going to the frontpage of staticred and seeing content
and not having to go down an extra level (if you could fix that that’d be
greeeeaaaat….), that when I saw the text message I ignored the links that
were there and went off on a crack-induced episode.

My apologies.

In other news, no Corny pukage yet. Looks
like the new food is working. He was making strange noises last night and
dragging around his sock (a really really fluffy old winter sock he
liberated from me when he was a kitten). I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with
him and the sock. He doesn’t really do anything with it other than
drag it around and sleep with it every once and a while though. Maybe he was
feeling blue or something, but he seemed much happier after I went to bed and
snuggled with him for a bit.

Went to bed late again due to mp3-organization-induced-insomnia. I’m into the
D’s of the new stuff I got. I still have a few hundred megs of Sawyer Brown
and Prairie Oyster to organize that’s in the download directory, but it’s not
the jumble I had before, so I’m not going to worry until I get to the S’s.