If Everyone Got Along Who Would We Hate?

Ahh… the end of the weekend. What a crappy time eh? Relatively productive
weekend though. 4 loads of laundry, a trip to the vet (Cornys been puking
more than normal lately so I took him in to see if there was a blockage or
mega-hairball or something… turns out it’s probably a food
hyper-sensitivity, meaning he gets put on (expensive) special food for a
couple of months to see how that goes… no puking so far, and he seems to
like the food…), and a trip to the grocery store. Firefly’s bro came over
and hung out a bit, looking for new cars, trucks, and looking for advice on
various MP3
. Speaking of mp3s, another 4G or so made it down to my system,
making me think a 60G+ drive may be needed to stick in fishbowl for all mp3 access, all the time.

I’ve been playing with a program called mp3mover which will take a
directory of un-organized mp3s and organize them into directories of
artist/album with nice filenames (whatever you specify). Very cool program.
It does what it does well, but not perfect, depending on the naming/id3
tagging of the file. So after every run I have to go through and re-organize,
nuke crap, change id3 info (or add it), move some stuff into categories such
as country, comedy, etc. This takes a fair amount of time, but it also allows
me to run mp3_check on
them to make sure they are OK (most songs are, but the longer stand up stuff
I’m collecting seems to have errors once and a while) and also toss the lower
quality files for the better quality stuff, listen to each song, or at least
the start and finish, to make sure they are ok. Relatively relaxing anyway.

Also started on the PADI certification CDs. Only about 3/4 of the way through
the first module, but if I follow what I want and work on it for an hour or so
a night, it all should be done by Aug. 11 when the course starts. I was
thinking that if I had tons of ca$h (my .com millions) I could have fun buying
nifty scuba toys. Too bad everything you can buy for scuba seems to
cost about $800+. I’ve bitched about that before though.

What else. Hmm… I was going to re-do the logo on our company bugzilla site (internal, don’t bother)
to make it a little cooler looking, but never got around to it. Wouldn’t mind
re-doing the look of this page a bit to make it look neater. I like what Tig has done with the comments on
his site
. I’d have to do CSS then, which brings me to another point:


I’m currently writing this from a console on my system. Why not in X? Well,
because I’m here and I can do it here just as well as I could with a GUI. I
got to a bunch of links from other sites (for the above links I put up) just
dandy. But I go to staticred.net to go and
get an URL for some comments (note the empty link for “comments on his site”
above) and get the message:

“Upgrade your damned browser already!”

[blah blah links for GUI browsers]

Unless Netscape 6, Mozilla, or Opera (you forgot Galeon!) have text modes available to
them, I’m completely out of luck trying to access his site to get the
INFORMATION I WANT! He doesn’t even bother to try to display it, as
he has in the past, for text browsers. I’m used to not being able to see nice
formatting using links but


If the above is the result of CSS then I think I’ll happily continue using
<TABLE> and <FONT> until I die :P~