I don’t have anything witty to say today.

No dreams today…. I did have one, but it was something boring about trying
to protect myself from gouls or something, so I won’t bother trying to

Remember how I mentioned the new stereo? Well, the faceplate jammed for no
reason. It’s been kinda shakey, sometimes not rotating down like it should
when you hit the eject button, but not it’s not going anywhere. Which sucks,
because you have to move it to get the CD out. So tonight after work I’ll be
heading to A&B to bitch and moan to them about it. I read a few reports
of this on the user boards,
but figured that if you were careful (as I have been) you’d be ok. What really
sucks is there is no reason for it to be stuck. It’s not spring loaded I
don’t think, so that means that it’s just a catch that lets it down… or
something. This is why I do computers and not electronics. Bah. At least
the shop is open till 9pm tonight so I have time to get down there in a decent
amount of time. What I hope will not happen is they say “oh,
well we have to send it back to Kenwood” and rip out the deck and I loose it
for 8-10 weeks while they send it across the country so someone can stick a
screwdriver in the side and get it out.

Did I mention that this is pissing me off? More so because I have a bunch of
new CDs that I’m about to burn but I can’t listen to them until the faceplate
can be moved off so I can change them!

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