Cat’s Don’t Appreciate you Throwing Things on Their Head While They Pee.


Something about VWs.

Something about looking at a new house.

I was meeting someone at an IHOP in Maple Ridge, and the first guy I met was a
construction worker who asked me to go get his food (or his friend, one of the
two) from inside. I go inside and find his friend, who I guess doesn’t like
him because I get a ride from him along the freeway, but right around the
Grandview highway exit of the #1 he stops and dumps all his buddies laundry
out of the car! Being the nice guy I am I get it and bring it back to the guy
at the IHOP (even though I get dumped out of the car too). When I bring it
back to the pancake house I meet another guy who I recognize as a
pervert/child molester/wanted felon. Tall and gangly, and around 40 or so,
clean shaven (not that the description really matters of course). Talking to
him I realize that and try to make sure that I’ll be able to talk to him again
so I can get him arrested.

I was at my parents and the same guy came up to drop off a package in a delivery
van. I didn’t want to give it away but I didn’t want to get to close in case he
decided to grab me. Had to sort of come close but not too close.
All I wanted to do was not raise his suspicion but still keep him around so the cops
could get to him. I made up an email address where he could reach me,
screwing up each part, trying not to give him a real one that he could check
on but something that sounded legit. I think it was When he left I go
downstairs (this was at my parents house) and dad is outside with a guy and I
say “is this the police investigator?” and then turn the corner a bit more to
see that the pervert is still there. I immediately backtrack and say “I only
say that because I’m sure I’ve met/seen you before” or something. Anyway
somewhere along the way he leaves and then contacts me.

End of the dream is me tied up (let them think I was anyway) with a board
stuck in my mouth, with a bar of soap on top, then another board (some sort of
gag I guess) and the pervert and his friends (who are in some sort of club
outside of being perverts) and putting things on the floor… 3 potatos is
what I remember. They are saying something about “he can answer the easy
ones” in reference to me being a trained person who knows about interrigation
and infiltration of Bad Guy organizations.

Somewhere along the way also I was looking at buying a house. It was huge,
with an entire area that was outdoors yet fenced in. My thoughts for it was
to put the kids in there (kids == cats I think in my mind). I was walking
through it with FireFly saying things like “and there’s the dining room that
I’ll never actually use.” This house factored in with the pervert somehow
too. I think he had a victim, a girl tied up in the bottom of a house (not
the one I was looking at) that he was holding but she was very smart and was
working on a way to get away.

Ok Lord, I promise, I won’t eat any more extra-onion pizza just before bed,
and you won’t send me any more dreams like this ok?

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