“What a twisted Web we Weave / When we Practice to Deceive…”

So how are you this morning? I’m ok. Even though I didn’t get “work” done
yesturday (and I have lots to do) a few things seem to have been resolved.

  • I eat real food, including perogies and part of a california roll. A
    few more days and I won’t worry about the little hard things getting into
    ex-tooth sockets!
  • I can swallow again. I don’t know if the blockage is gone (it was
    there at the end of work yesturday and I was not feeling good),
    but it’s not causing pain or anything (much). It was a huge distraction
    trying to get real work done though πŸ™
  • My Galeon browser is
    working at home again. Seems I played with the toolbar and that broke
  • My SETI@Home is working as well,
    due to a bad data file or something. Deleted the old and reset it and it
    all worked again.
  • Netscape (at home anyway) is still MIA. It starts, talks about
    loading up messages, and then stops dead. Not that it’s not a POS anyway
    of course, it’s just that it stopped working for no reason. Time for Cuv to make the webmail smarter,
    faster, and better πŸ™‚
  • Now to just get that pesky work thing going….

Re-arranged a bunch of drive space last night for MP3s too. I found a 10G
partition that wasn’t being used which is good, just a PITA to not have it
where it can be merged in with another nicely. I’d like to just combine it
with the existing MP3 files and make a big 20G partition, but without using
the LVM in kernel 2.4 I can’t. Well, that and I don’t have any place to put
the files while moving things around πŸ™‚

Speaking of MP3s and the AudioGalaxy
program, don’t install it!! Tig put me on to the fact that it
, which is not good πŸ™‚ The linux client I don’t think can track
things like browsing and so on, so I’m still going to use it from that end,
but it will not be run by a user that has access to anything but a place to
put MP3s πŸ™‚ Too bad too, it’s a nice program.

Ah, there we go, move my old netscape config files out of the way and let it
download the messages again and all is well. Yay! Now I can get my work mail
at home agai…. oh wait a minute. Shit!

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