Never Stop Breathing

Well, back and alive again today (yesturday), and I’m a fully certified PADI
diver (yay). Sunday was spent on some (IMHO) minor skills such as navigation,
some major but probably (hopefully) never used ones such as the out of air
emergency swimming ascent, and using old ones (descend, ascend, etc). We had
another few dives in the pool and then headed to Camp Hope for lunch, followed
by 2 more dives at Lake of the Woods.

Diving at the lake was better this time, I was a lot more comfortable doing
things and a lot less muck was kicked up off the bottom. After the last
required skills (taking your mask off underwater and underwater navigation (go
somewhere and head back, hopefully arriving at the place where you started
(using a compass))) we got a tour of the lake. I have to say it wasn’t that
interesting. Oh it was very cool to move around underwater, to be
able to not shoot to the surface or drop like a rock while skimming over the
bottom, but seeing alge, rocks, and a few trees (and a beer bottle or two)
just didn’t crank my chain too much. I’m looking forward to going someplace
interesting (even Whytecliff Park or Porteau Cove) and being able to enjoy
seeing things instead of worrying about the actual diving part of it.

Minor Bitch for the Day: People who have the attitude of “I tried and no one
did anything so I’m not going to bother” coupled with “I can’t do this because
I’m not known enough/close enough to important people/whatever, but since you
(Arc) are, you can” and drop it on my shoulders that I’m the only one to make
important changes that they want. Why the hell can’t they do it themselves?
If whoever it was that said the earth was not the center of the solar system
had said, “shit man, no one likes this idea, oh well, fuck it” we’d still be
living on a square earth. Changing things is not easy, and
sometimes, impossible. Just because I have what I think is a good idea
doesn’t mean it is, however, it also doesn’t I should give up if a couple of
people turn their noses up at it (on that note, I’d like to bring up the
subject of the “give Arc money for no reason campaign”… donations are not a
tax writeoff, and are non-refundable, however, if you’d like to consider
donating, please contact me immediately 🙂