Quote Of The Week:

“Given the choice of Coke or Pepsi, I’ll have a strawberry smoothie”

— Silverstr, at dinner the other night.

We have a freezer now. It’s in the living room. Where else do you put a
freezer? I’m scared when they talk about getting a washer/dryer and bashing
holes through the walls to hook it up in the closet.

Well, I got some work done tonight. Webmail is fixed thanks to a package update, LVM is going as an experiment, and I found a nice substring replace()
function in C. Firewalls, normally my bitch, were the bane of my existance
tonight as I tried desparately to get things going on them. I guess when
something is designed to “not work with a firwall or NAT system in between the
client and the server”, it means it, even if I wrote it 🙂 Oh well, hopefully
things will work properly when I get to work tomorrow… I’ve been having some
weird problems with server messages and replies not working properly, but I’m
pretty sure that’s the SSL connection not passing data through the firewall,
not random pointer related problems (fingers crossed).

I was looking forward to updating UFies.org tonight to the latest version of
phpnuke, and maybe even re-theming it in
something less ugly, but life wouldn’t have it. Instead I had a nice relaxing
dinner, a nice relaxing bath, some good coding (it’s nice to see complexity
go away sometimes), and an apt-get install imp fixing wacky webmail probs.

Still in the middle of Linus Torvalds’ book Just For Fun. It’s quite
good, though I find the history of the OS more interesting than the political
stuff he gets into towards the end (though seeing him tactfully say that RMS
can be a weenie was kinda neat). The latest batch of MP3s need to be
organized, and all my other tunes still need to be checked for dupes, bad tags
(things like spaces, spelling, capitalizatiON) and so on. I’m slowly starting
to suck them all across the VPN to the office where I can listen to them 8
hours a day to find ones with errors, the wrong filename/info, or virtual

Hmm… arcterex.net could use a facelift one of these days too….