Forced Funtime Should Mean Everyone

Another weird dream last night, a really good one involving a small cabin, a
bunch of derilict buildings scheduled for destruction, a wierd old man, some
buildings that were only thin enough for one person to be in, Iambe but with
two heads, a housefire that destroyed everything but the master bedroom and
some of the couches and chairs, and a bunch of fighting (verbal though I
think). I really wish I could remember more of this one, which I
don’t except that I was in this cabin with someone else or other people, and
there were arguments, ending up in a fire gutting the place. All said and
done everyone comes back as friends (I remember the two headed Iambe talking
about getting married but “only two honeymoons!” (one for each head I guess).
When everyone’s friends after we look around the place and there are other
buildings and an old man who is really surprised that the whole place hasn’t
been torn down yet. I go into one building and find important pictures in a
book (page 80). No, I don’t know what of, but they had something to do with
the history of the place. The old guy shows us around a bit and one of the
buildings is almost “T” shaped, with the stalk of the T being extremely thin,
thin enough that only little children could get into that part of the house.

I’m pretty sure that this dream held some great meaning of life, buta s I
don’t remember enough…. shrug.

Finished Just For Fun. Good book, with lots of interesting thoughts
and ways of thinking about things like Intellectual Property, copywrites,
patents, and so on. A good explanation of why the RIAA and MPAA are cutting
their own throats in trying to ban MP3s and DVD playing systems that they
can’t control. Basically the way that he put it was that if you tried
to hold something and control it, eventually you’d screw up, or overcharge, or
in some way make it so that people find a way to get around you, and you loose
it all. IE: You own a waterhole and don’t share, doling out water and
charging for it, without simply sharing. Eventually people are going to find
a way to get water some other way and you’re left holding a useless commodity.
Same goes for the RIAA and their fight to ban MP3s. If people are forced to
pay $20 for a CD with 2 songs on it that they actually want, eventually they
are going to find a way to get just the songs they want. For
example, MP3. The recording industry has a long history of trying to ban
recording devices and ways that people have been trying to record music, and
have failed time and time again. I think most recently they have discovered
that CD-R devices are used, and are trying to ban them or something stupid
like that. If they got their heads out of their asses they’d realize that
people want more music, they just want a choice in what they
can have (ie: the songs they want in an easily transportable format). Sure,
they’ll trade their music back and forth, but that’s going to happen
regardless, and has been since people recorded LPs onto cassettes (I know I
did). If the industry embraced Mp3s and similar and found a way to live
harmoniously with them, they may not find this backlash of trading. Lately I
haven’t bought any CDs because I’m finding it’s much better for me (with a car
MP3 player) to get my music in MP3. I also haven’t bought CDs not because I
don’t want to support the artists, but because I’m sick of the RIAA and want
to stick it to them in my own little way. Well, that and I’m not convinced
that the $20 I pay for a CD actually makes it in more than a few cents into
the pocket of the actual artist.

That and I’m still a bit pissed over the whole creation of Britney Spears and
the Spice Girls thing. What happened to artists who become artists because
they love music?