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Before I tell you abou the diving, this is what happened when I got home. Saw
some un-disclosed friends outside and went to talk to them. One of the, lets
call him “Joe” for now, informed us he was in the mood for a musical. I asked
if he was a man or not. He pulls his waistband out and looks and says “yeap”.
FF says she is worried that he had to check, to which he replied “Well, I
could have put my hand down to check but it might not have come back up for 20
minutes or so.

Thanks “Joe”.

Ok, so I thought it was funny (well, disturbing too).

Anyway, went up to Porteau Cove today with Cuvarack and Joker, did two dives,
one just scouting around and the other to the pilings that are out there. The
pilings were cool but not what I expected. I imagined some jungle of
concrete towers, but it was really just a bunch of pipes it seemed. Cool
nonetheless though 🙂

Oh, and the surface swim sucked. I’m sooooo out of shape that swimming 18 km
in rough seas against the tide (or what felt like it) is not a good idea!

Might be throwing a nice new HD into the UFies box
tomorrow eve, compliments of fred
(whhohoooo!). Just gotta arrange things with my main dude yohimbe (of uf fame). Hopefully we’ll be back to the
dive shop by 4 (when the close) and all will go well.