I’ve been a very very naughty boy…

I’ve got a Freakin Dent in my HEAD! Right below the
hairline. Not a huge amount of blood luckily. I plan to tell the people at
work it was a

but in truth it was really really lame. I was finishing up doing the
inside of my car and was trucking the paper towels and whatnot back to the
house when the little orange cat (which I’m trying to forcibly adopt) came by
to say hi. I bent down and petted him for a bit and when I stood back up my
head connected with the concrete wall around the porch. Ouch. It’s pretty
gross I guess. I’ll try to get pictures RSN (mental note: Get fish and set up
a fishbowlcam).

Well, I must say that this labor day long weekend has been both relaxing
and productive. I can’t say productive as in I solved world
hunger or anything, but still, stuff got done.

  • New UFies.org site is online, and
    doesn’t look identical to the default theme. Went in mostly without a hitch,
    but it’s the weekend, so no one has been around much to tell me if
    anything is broken.
  • Saturday I washed my car for the first time in ages. It really needs
    a good waxing or something, maybe a trip to the dude that Cuv mentioned. Did the inside as
    well (without vaccuming though) so it’s all shiny now. Of course the first
    place I got to drive (and this is the last time I’ll mention it) was up
    the dirt/gravel road to the barn. Luckily it had rained recently so it
    wasn’t that bad 🙂
  • Played with a Jabber server and
    a Gabber client. Now I just
    have to figure out how to make them do SSL.
  • Laundry!
  • Organized my bookmarks. Maybe I’ll stick them online sometime soon,
    and show you all more of my demented mind.
  • Discoverd I was not a Sushi Chef hiding in a programmer’s body.
  • Foz‘s sis is out this week, and
    I stopped by his place and met her. She’s mostly sane it seems…. I
    wonder what happened to him? duck

I’m pretty sure there was more than that. Oh yea, I went on a ride, to prove
that I didn’t spend the entire weekend on my ass.

Got a sushi cookbook from mom and dad (thanks!) and a sushi maker thingy from
FFMom from the PNE. Anyway, after an evening of playing, I have a
huge amount more respect for the sushi chefs… making that
stuff is not easy. But practice makes perfect, so I shall keep on trying…