“Amie, what you gonna do / I think I could stay with you / for a while maybe longer i

Well, quite a non-productive but busy weekend. Had a BBQ at Derf VW‘s place, which was very cool. I
picked up some car cleaning tips (I typed “cat cleaning tips”
for a second there…. I don’t think they’d appreciate the wax though) and a
very cool TDIClub.com – fahrfrumpumpen mug (out of which tea is being drank
as I type!. On sunday, after picking up the suggested cleaning stuff
we went out to metrotown to have a lunch with Sillz, Squiz, and another Ozzie
visiting on her way to .uk. Red Robin sucked again for Firefly, giving her
raw meat in her burger (mmm… meat…). Other than that I did nothing.

Started on a new “2.0” project for a daemon that I wrote for work for the boss
this weekend. Not a huge amount of progress, but I got it branched out in
CVS, and have documented what it’s supposed to do and how, now it’s just a
matter of making it do it. The question is do I do it “properly” and re-write
the code from the ground up, or do I write it so that it does what is needed
by him now, and get it working fast so that the various things that are
depending on this can be done sooner rather than later, and then worry about
writing it properly later?

My cats are stoned. Borrowed some catnip from Iambe and got the cats all
drugged up… they are stoned right now, and fighting. I guess just like when
people get drunk and let their true feelings out, cats stop being polite to
each other when they are on “the ‘nip”. Or it could be like kitty LSD, and
Rex is just running after Corny
saying “dude, there’s this huge yellow bug crawling on your face, lemme
<smack> hit it off man!” and Corny is running around screaming “the
walls are melting, the walls are melting!” I just hope they don’t continue
when I go to bed!

You know, using dlopen(3) might be the
solution. Just set up an API and use that for plugins… that’ll allow a lot
more flexabilty for user space stuff, and the 2.0 project wouldn’t be
restricted to a closed set of functions. I’ll have to think on this….

Note to self: Here is a good example of what is

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